Welcome to Town Hall Nation.

WAITING FOR YOU… is a devised performance project, conceived by Sojourn Theatre (Portland, OR) and The TEAM (New York City) to respond to the paucity of opportunities for ideologically diverse people to make democracy function together. WAITING FOR YOU… the production (premiering at Kansas City Rep Fall 2012) will combine fictional narratives drawn from research with participatory strategies developed from established and original models of civic dialogue methodology.  Spectacular, virtual, visceral and deeply immediate, WAITING FOR YOU… will culminate in a decision that each audience needs to reach, together, for the event and the story it tells to conclude.

Town Hall Nation is the national engagement initiative of WAITING FOR YOU… a process of arts-based civic dialogue and imagination. Sojourn and The TEAM are inviting arts organizations, universities, high schools, and community groups to bring artists and civic partners together to create 30-minute events that demonstrate, present, or embody an ideal town hall meeting.

For more information, or to host a Town Hall Nation event in your community, read on.